Landscape and Ecology Division,
Research Center for Infrastructure Management

Introduction of the Division
  In public works projects of every kind such as roads, rivers, parks and other urban infrastructures, consideration to the natural environment is always crucial. At the same time, various values like comfort, beauty and closeness to nature, are sought in the creation of public green space. Therefore, we have worked on the research and technological development concerning the following themes:

 1. Global Warming Countermeasures
 2. Management and Replacement of Trees
 3. Conservation of Biodiversity
 4. Green Area Planning
 5. Environmental Impact Assement and Mitigation
 6. Landscape and Cityscape Management
 7. Deisgn and Management of Public Space
 8. Historical Town Planning

  In addition, we have offered technical support to regional development bureaus.

Study themes
Global Warming Countermeasures
  We have presented a formula for calculation of annual fixed amount of CO2 per tree by measuring the growth of urban trees. Based on the satellite data, we have also developed a technique to estimate the fixed amount of CO2 by assessing the quantitative fluctuation of urban greenery.

Management and Replacement of Trees
  We have investigated the techniques to maintain the roadside green, aiming to promote diversity in the regional development, as well as to preserve and generate beautiful and comfortable environment. Besides maintenance techniques to cope with problems such as fallen trees and lifted roots, we have developed diagnostic techniques using gamma rays to find out rotten roadside trees.

Conservation of Biodiversity
  We are involved with planning of ecological networks which fit in with the wildlife habitat, as well as development of statistical models to estimate impact of environmental changes. Also we are engaged in the development of greenery technologies to promote use of native species and methods to control invasion of alien species.

Monitoring the territorial range of goshawk using radio telemetry
Monitoring the territorial range of goshawk using radio telemetry

Green Area Planning
  We have developed integrated preservation systems of satoyama* woodland, and a landscape master plan which responds to population decline and urban degeneration. (Satoyama: undeveloped woodland near populated area.)

Classification of land cover utilizing high resolution satellite images
Classification of land cover utilizing high resolution satellite images

Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation
  We provide technical support to environmental impact assessment, including development of a system to estimate the impact which construction projects have on the rare accipitral species.

Landscape and Cityscape Management
  We have studied systems, schemes and norms which enable public works to realize good landscape/cityscape.

Design and Management of Public Space
  For the purpose of publishing design/management manual for streets and squares, we have made an effort to carry out numerous case studies on the design and management of good urban public spaces.

Historical Town Planning
  In an effort to promote town planning which makes the most of historic and cultural resources, we have conducted research on the conservation, utilization and restoration of those elements which constitute historical townscape. Also we have studied techniques to preserve historical townscape under disastrous conditions.

Revegetation technology/ Tree and forest health
Maintenance and management of park facilities/ Vegetation in rivers
Bohyun KIM
Green Infrastructure/Landscape planning
Chizuru TOBITA
Historical area conservation/ Urban history/ Urban planning history/ Urban landscape planning
Guest Research Engineer
Green Infrastructure/Revegetation Space Manegement

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