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Research themes of the Coast Division
[5] Technological support

[5] Technological support

In cooperation with the Seacoast Office, River Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT), the Coast Division of NILIM draws up technological standards for investigations, planning, designing, and execution of coastal structures for the planning and formulation of national policies, as well as provides technological support to investigations, planning, designing, execution, and management of coasts around the nation to back up technological research themes, based on coastal conservation research conducted by the Coast Division through on-site observations, hydraulic model experiments, and numerical analyses.

In addition, the Coast Division issues the Annual Report of Maritime Meteorology, compiling data from 32 wind direction and velocity observatories, 24 wave height observatories, 14 wave direction observatories, and 7 tide level observatories around the nation.

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